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NOAA now distributes it's complete set of official electronic government charts for the entire United States coastline online for FREE!!! There are currently 1,016 charts available for downloading either individually or in organized ChartKits.

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NOAA Official Electronic Raster Nautical Charts (RNC�)

In the United States, all official nautical charts are produced by NOAA's Office of Coast Survey (OCS). A fundamental tool of marine navigation, NOAA's Raster Navigational Charts (NOAA RNCs�) are produced by high-resolution scanning of original color plates. They then add digital data describing the chart, its datum, projection and geo-reference. Geo-referencing enables computer-based navigation systems to display a vessel's exact position on the chart image.

NOAA makes and distributes the official RNCsT for FREE. They are distributed in the BSB format used by numerous, commercially available navigation software packages.

How up-to-date are the charts?

Charts are updated weekly based on Notice to Mariners chart corrections and cumulative electronic updates that may be used to update previously distributed RNCs. You can re-download charts an unlimited number of times, anytime, to get the most recent version. Click here for the complete list of charts, including edition and update dates.

Will the charts work with my existing software?

They will work with all B.B.S. compatible marine software products (except Outdoor Navigator). These include Pocket (PC) Navigator, Chart Navigator, Chart Navigator Pro, Offshore Navigator (Marine Navigator), Offshore Navigator Lite, Fugawi, The Capn (Captain Voyager), and most commercial marine navigation software. Please see your software manual to check for B.B.S./Maptech compatibility.

If you don't have navigation software, I will show you where to download your own FREE and LEGAL copy of SeaClear real-time GPS navigation software.

What is SeaClear software?

SeaClear is a FREE PC based chart plotter for Windows 2000/XP/NT/95/98/ME. With a GPS connected it displays the current position, speed, heading and other data on the screen. The chart is repositioned and new charts are loaded automatically as needed. Tracks may be saved to file for later reviewing and log book entries can be manually and automatically entered. Unlimited number of routes and waypoints can be created and used to assist the navigation.

Don't Waste Your Time ... I'll Guide you!

You can end up wasting a lot of time trying to find the various websites where you download official charts, figuring out how to download entire sets of charts, and then loading them into your navigation software. That's where I come in. I've done it all and documented it in my comprehensive Guide to Downloading Free Electronic Charts and Navigation Software which contains detailed step-by-step instructions. The guide contains easy-to-follow instructions for:

Obtaining Notice to Mariners chart updates

Downloading individual charts or chartkits

Installing downloaded charts in your charts directory on your PC

Downloading your free copy of SeaClear real-time navigation software

The guide includes screen views and hyperlinks to all the web pages:

What makes me such an expert?

My name is Mark Pieczonka and I love sailing. I have raced Offshore I class sailboats for many years, delivered a boat from the Caribbean to Newport via Bermuda, sailed across the Atlantic on an Open 50 design, sailed the Pacific coast from California to Cabo San Lucas, and recently took a year off to take my wife and 3 kids from Canada to the Bahamas on our Hunter 37.5. Our trip to the Bahamas was profiled in an article in Canadian Yachting Magazine and

By profession I am a systems analyst/programmer, so I naturally have a keen interest in electronic charting and navigation.

How do I get the Guide?

You can instantly download the guide for a nominal charge of $4.99. That's how much the eBay'ers will charge you just for shipping a CD, then you wait for a week for delivery. As soon as you have completed the payment process, you will be sent an email containing a link and instructions to download my comprehensive Guide to Downloading Free Electronic Charts and Navigation Software.

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Why so cheap?

For one simple reason. Since you will be accessing this information directly via the Internet, I have no inventory or order fulfillment costs. There's no CDs to burn, no envelopes, no shipping costs, etc. I only have to worry about online costs. Therefore, it seems reasonable that I should only charge a nominal amount for this information.

Can I get help if I don't understand something?

Of course! If you have any problems, I will do my best to help you out. I welcome your questions. If you're still not satisfied I'll refund your money. You can contact me at

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